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Karan Muvvala


Hi, My name is Karan a budding roboticist from India currently pursuing my master's at the University of Colorado Boulder. My interest in robotics piqued when I saw a video of swarm robots trying to accomplish a task which required teamwork for a TED talk. Since then I have built many robotic systems which helped me expand my knowledge in this new and exciting domain. During my undergrad, controls especially caught me attention for its ability to monitor and control systems along with its growing ubiquity. As such I decided to pursue further studies in this new and exciting field of robotics.

My focus currently is on controls and dynamics with planning. I am penchant towards building autonomous systems capable of making high level decisions with minimal human intervention in robust environments. As such, I believe that my unique skill of programming coupled with my modelling skills and with a sound background of controls makes me a unique candidate.

I have previously worked with Institute of Human and Machine Cognition (IHMC) on their fast behaviors project and Atlas robot developed by Boston Dynamics on developing “complex” behaviors. Continuing my expedition in this field introduced me to Formal Methods and Hybrid control system and its ability to mathematically prove safety and task critical guarantees on task completion for complex system such as manipulators, mobile and even humanoids!

Currently I am working at ARIA systems group on developing reactive and robust controllers for manipulators which can achieve a given task with human intervention. My research focuses on embedding the given high level task as a formal specification (LTL) and discretizing the continuous domain into discrete states - abstraction. We play a two player game on the cartesian product of the automatons and synthesize a strategy which translates to robot action and guarantees the completion within the given energy constraint. 

Research Keywords: Reactive synthesis,Manipulators , Game theory, formal methods, hybrid systems, adversarial games

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