Verifiable Control Synthesis through Model-based Learning with Safety Guarantees

Formal control synthesis are correct-by-construction approaches to automatically create controllers for autonomous systems. These controllers aim to accomplish complex tasks specified using temporal logic. Synthesis is challenging when there is uncertainty in the system, such as the presence of black-box components or incomplete dynamics knowledge, or in the environment. Machine-learning regression can construct models of these uncertainties that can be used to reason about the future.

Our goal is to combine machine learning regression with formal control synthesis approaches to address these uncertainties. Mature learning approaches, such as Gaussian process regression, have a strong analytical results that quantify the regression errors. Our current approach involves constructing abstractions of the system using the learned model, and then use model-based techniques to synthesize a controller. Ongoing challanges we are investigating include:

  • Scalable computational methods for abstraction
  • Utilizing other approaches for GP regression and machine learning
  • Implementation on robotic systems and vehicles

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